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The Groundhog Guardhog GP360 Fusion
Security Welfare Units have been approved by VCA.
Welfare Fusion GP360 fusion
Lowered &
Secured in
3 mins

Mobile Security Welfare

Groundhog Guardhog GP360 Fusion

The Guardhog Mobile Welfare Unit is the latest concept in 12 Volt technology delivering cost effective and environmentally efficient, robust & easy to use ground lowering, anti-vandal, site accommodation.

Guardhog GP360 Fusion

The Guardhog GP360 Fusion Security Units give hirers and end users savings by way of reduced fuel usage, 60% reduction in generator servicing, longer generator life, fewer breakdowns and massively reduced noise pollution.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Visibility from all 4 sides
  • Camera and monitor installed with added benefit of night vision technology
  • Warm water supplied by an on-board system
    (optional, Fusion+ only)
  • Air blown heating system
  • Comfortably sits up to 6 people
  • High security doors and windows
  • Warm water tap set over large wrist to elbow sink
  • Secured in less than 3 minutes
  • Meets HSE requirements


Mobile unit secured in less than 3 minutes
secured in less than 3 minutes
mobile welfare unit GP600D layout
Mobile Welfare Cabin Key features
Accommodating Health & Safety requirements and providing all your on-site needs in one small package.

Welfare Area

  • Table and bench seating for up to 6 persons
  • Air blown heating system
  • Microwave/Kettle
  • Warm water tap set over large wrist to elbow sink
  • Fresh drinking water container (20 Ltr)

Toilet Area

  • Standard Recirculating Toilet c/w ventilation pipe through roof area
  • Forearm wash basin with warm water
  • Paper towel & soap dispenser

Warm Room / Generator Area

  • Air blown heating system
  • Coat hooks
  • 6 kVA Diesel Generator with exhaust venting through roof area