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New Solar Loo Launched

Genquip-Groundhog is thrilled to launch its new Solar Loo unit.

Innovative features include:

  • The unit can be either trailer mounted or static.
  • It offers toilet facilities for up to six people in one block.
  • The Solar Loo will run purely from solar energy.
    (Also has a generator backup and to provide onsite power if required)
  • Female area.
  • Male area complete with waterless urinal trough.
  • Webasto Thermo Top Heating / Hot Water System.
  • Rain collection for flush toilet.

A truly sustainable product with innovation that works. No complex electrics or change overs which is invaluable, especially with latest news on water and the ever present male / female facilities.

For more information on the Solar Loo and our other products please contact

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