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Bespoke Welfare Unit

Rail Welfare Fusion

The Groundhog Rail Specic Welfare Fusion Unit is packed full of the latest innovations and is ideal for the ever increasing demands of the rail industry.

Dimensions 5000mm(L) x 2500mm(W)
Unladen Weight 2200kg
Generator 6kVA

Groundhog Rail Welfare Fusion

The environmentally effi cient 12v fusion welfare unit is vandal resistant and accommodates 6 people, providing a pleasant, spacious, restful environment.

The unit is fi tted with key features such as a 12v air blown heating system, PIR LED lighting and warm water for hand wash and hot water via the tea urn, and includes a recirculating toilet with full flush as an optional extra.
The on-board 12v system also operates the fixed inverter sockets and USB ports suitable for charging a laptop and mobile phones.

The unit off ers cost savings through reduced use of the generator – the generator will only be required to power the microwave and charge the 12v battery system.

  • Reduced generator usage
  • Reduced carbon emission
  • Good economical use of space
  • Spacious canteen area which comfortably sits up to 6 people
  • On-site canteen welfare facilities including
  • microwave and tea urn
  • Air blown heating system
  • Recirculating and fl ush toilet options available
  • Warm water supplied by an on-board heating system
  • High security doors and windows
  • Can be operated both on rail or trackside
Static welfare unit SW6100
Rail Welfare Fusion Key features
Accommodating Health & Safety requirements and providing all your on-site needs in one small package.

Welfare Area

  • Table and cushioned bench seating bench seating with back rests for up to 6 persons
  • Air blown heating system
  • Warm water supplied by on-board 12v heating system
  • Tea urn (12v inverter powered)
  • Microwave (230v hard-wired)
  • Fresh drinking water container (20 Ltr)
  • Fresh & waste water containers (25 Ltr cap each)
  • Large stainless steel sink c/w hot water tap
  • 12v LED Lighting with PIR
  • Single powered socket (230v)
  • Inverter powered single socket
  • Consumer Board c/w RCD & MCB’s
  • Generator control panel
  • Heater control
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • Disposable cup dispenser
  • High level vent
  • Fresh drinking water container (20 Ltr)
  • Volt meter
  • 130Amp battery/ battery guard
  • 12v socket/ USB socket
  • Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector
  • Coolbox below worktop

Dry Changing Room

  • 12v LED lighting with PIR
  • Air blown heating system
  • Coat hooks
  • Bench seating

Toilet Area

  • Standard recirculating toilet c/w ventilation pipe
    (full flush toilet optional – as shown on plan drawing)
  • Paper towel & soap dispenser
  • Toilet roll holder
  • 12v LED lighting with PIR
  • Single coat hook
  • Warm water supplied by on-board 12v heating system
  • Recirculating forearm wash basin
    (ceramic hand wash basin optional)

Generator Room

  • 12v LED lighting with PIR
  • Air blown heating system
  • Coat hooks
  • Ventilation panel
  • 6 kVA diesel generator with exhaust venting
  • Access to fuel tank with separate fuel level gauge (58 Ltr cap)
  • Fuel Active system
  • Generator start battery

Drying Room

  • Heating - 12v Diesel Powered Heating
  • Lighting - 12v LED Lighting c/w PIR
  • Bench Seating
  • Coat Hooks
  • High Level Window