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Genquip Groundhog are long established privately owned companies that have been in partnership for almost 40 years.

With a state of the art modern manufacturing facility, we specialise in the manufacture of site welfare accommodation units, which include static, mobile and bespoke offerings.

Groundhog eco welfare unit range
Groundhog factory front factory laser cutter factory internals factory production line

The first Groundhog mobile welfare unit left the production line in 1987, which we designed, developed and patented and has enjoyed huge success in the rental and end user markets, as well as major areas such as the Construction, Rail, Civils and Utilities sectors.

Genquip Groundhog places a large focus on continual development to ensure our products meet client requirements and the most up to date welfare regulations. Groundhog’s range of products, are robust and easy to use and are known for their high quality and longevity in the demanding rental market.

Genquip Groundhog offer a large product range which includes mobile and static welfare units as well as bespoke and highly specialised options. All Groundhog welfare units are wholly manufactured in our purpose built factory in South Wales which holds BS.ISO9001-2008 accreditation and fully comply with current CDM, HSE and VCA regulations.

2023 saw the launch of our new innovative, functional, and cost effective iRange welfare units. These eco units are designed to run during summer months without the onboard power unit running offering up to 100% reductions in carbon emissions. With the solar powered battery charging facility, this gives large savings whilst delivering robust and easy to use on site welfare accommodation.

Safe use and maintenance is a key factor when considering a Groundhog Welfare unit, with this in mind Genquip Groundhog offers a comprehensive range of training sessions to ensure all our customers are fully compliant in all aspects in the use of the Groundhog product range. These take place in our factory or at clients premises and range from full CPD accredited safe use and maintenance to hire desk and sales product awareness.

Vision, mission & values
We set the standard and continuously improve. No one matches our safety, innovation, and service. Our goal is to consistently deliver top-quality welfare accommodation.
We aim to create an exceptional customer experience and achieve first-class satisfaction levels with our empowered, enthusiastic, and motivated team. Our values define our mindset, actions, and goals. They are collectively shaped by our employees and are ingrained in our identity. They are an integral part of who we are.

Ensuring safety takes precedence above all else. If a task cannot be executed safely, it will not be pursued. Nothing holds greater importance than the well-being of our employees and customers.


We uphold the principles of doing what is right for our employees, customers, communities, and the environment.


We constantly strive for improvement, not only in the manufacture of our welfare units and services we provide, but also in our approach to how we think and work.


We do not hesitate or remain stagnant. When a task arises, we step forward and take action to accomplish it.


Our proficiency sets us apart. We consistently deliver specialised solutions tailored for every customer.


By fostering trust and cooperation, we work together with our customers to establish a business that fills us with pride. United, we become an unstoppable power!

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