Detailed and focussed service & maintenance and after sales training.
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When you purchase a Groundhog unit you can rest assured, secure in the knowledge that you have the support of a dedicated team of welfare accommodation unit specialists behind you.

Service & Maintenance Training for all Groundhog welfare units.

Groundhog Approved Training Courses ensure safe use & maintenance of mobile & static anti-vandal welfare accommodation units.

To promote our committed support to our customers, we provide detailed and focused Groundhog Approved Course accreditated training for all Groundhog Mobile Welfare Units, covering all aspects of safety, servicing and maintenance, leading to greater on-site safety for your customers and prolonged longevity for your unit – saving you money.

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Groundhog Service & Maintenance Training includes:
  • Training performed at Groundhog factory or clients’ premises
  • Standard Health and Safety information
  • Operating instructions (deployment)
  • Under gear maintenance
  • Fault finding
  • Wheel replacement
  • Pre-hire checks
  • Generator engine maintenance
  • Towing checks/ legislations
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Groundhog Approved Training Course.

At the end of each training session the participant will be given a certificate to show that they attended and successfully completed the groundhog training course.

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Hire Desk & Sales Awareness Product Training

To ensure confidence with the product when selling or organising the hire of Groundhog units.

Hire Desk & Sales Awareness product training can take place either at the Groundhog factory or at the clients' location.

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Webasto Welfare Heater Training
training at Groundhog
  • Training performed at Webasto Training Academy Doncaster
  • Introduction, H&S & General Overview
  • Technical Overview & Component Interaction
  • Overview of the installation
  • Component Operation, Function and testing
  • Service Requirements
  • Heater Reset Procedure
  • Wiring Schematics
  • Practical Workshop Session
  • Operation of the working Rig – PC Diagnosis Overview
  • Fuel Delivery test
  • CO2 Adjustment
  • Heater Strip and examination
Unrivalled technical & training resources.
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These materials are carefully created to ensure that the Hire Desk can advise their customers to choose the correct welfare to suit their needs and also provide the necessary knowledge to effectively, efficiently and safely operate their Groundhog welfare unit. By offering such extensive technical documentation, Groundhog empowers our customers to handle routine operations, perform basic maintenance tasks, and address minor issues effectively. This not only promotes the smooth and efficient operation of the welfare accommodation units but also minimises the need for external support, saving time and cost.

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