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New Stock.

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Due to the high demand for Groundhog welfare units, there can be extended waiting times for their manufacture and delivery.
As a result, we boost our regular production capacity to meet this demand, as well as manufacture a selection of our key mobile and static units for exhibitions and for use as demonstration models. Once these units are made available, they are ready to purchase for immediate delivery, to begin working for you!

Our stock units are strategically located at Groundhog's manufacturing facility in South Wales, and our Scotland base in Glasgow. This ensures accessibility from both ends of the country from where they can be easily towed or delivered to the desired location.

A current list of available units is shown below:

HogButt - Rain Harvester

Ex-Demo & Refurbished Unit

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x1 available - Neath
HogButt Rain Harvester
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Rainwater collection and filtering device, offering total consideration towards the environment

The Hogbutt unit is a rain harvester designed to feed toilets and shower rooms for various cabins situated on site for long periods. Water savings can be shown by collecting rainwater to service toilets, utilize fresh water for showers and hand wash. The system is primarily used in conjunction with waterless urinals but can also be used to flush standard urinals.

The Hogbutt system is connected to the mains water supply which will service the smaller tank to feed sinks etc, rainwater can be captured from the roof of the Hogbutt or from cabin guttering. Rainwater is stored in the large tank and used to service the toilets. In the case of no rain a simple float switch will divert fresh water into the rainwater tank, so a constant source is maintained.


Dimensions mm: 3200(L) x 1650(W) x 2320(H)
Rainwater Capacity: 1000 litres
Freshwater Capacity: 650 litres

PRICE: £5,000 + vat and delivery/collection

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x1 available - Neath
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The static Groundhog anti-vandal twin toilet unit has an in-built effluent tank, so there is no need to hire separate effluent tanks saving you time and money.

2 x 200 litre
Fresh water tank
2 x 200 litre
underfloor waste tank
Warm wash
over large
stainless steel sink
with PIR
appliance inlet in lockable box
Acomodates up to people
2 x Solar
Solar wattage
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