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The Groundhog
Fusion Mobile
Welfare Units have been approved by VCA.
Fusion Mobile
Lowered &
Secured in
3 mins

Mobile Welfare Units

Fusion Mobile

Ground lowering, anti-vandal, mobile, site accommodation unit

The single axle Fusion Mobile is the latest concept in 12 Volt technology delivering cost effective and environmentally friendly, robust & easy to use Mobile Welfare Units.
Dimensions 3655mm(L) x 2285mm(W)
Dimensions Including Drawbar 4920mm(L) x 2300mm(W)
Unladen Weight 1680kg
Gross Weight 1800kg
Generator 6kVA

Groundhog Fusion Mobile

The GP360 Fusion is powered by an on board 12v battery enabling, the led lights, heating, hot water and inverter sockets (to charge lap tops, mobile phones and small printer) to be run without the need of the on board generator. The generator is required to charge the onboard battery and run the kettle and microwave. The generator is fitted with an auto stop timer to save over running and unnecessary wastage.

The Fusion offers the legendary robustness and ease of use of the standard Groundhog Mobile welfare unit whilst offering a green environmental solution. Giving owners and end users savings by way of reduced fuel usage, reduction in generator servicing, longer generator life, fewer breakdowns and reduced noise pollution.

The Groundhog Fusion mobile welfare unit is available in 3 sizes, GP360 Fusion for 6 operatives, GP500 Fusion for 10 operatives and the GP600 Fusion for 6 operatives and two office staff

Mobile unit secured in less than 3 minutes
secured in less than 3 minutes
Fusion Mobile
Mobile Welfare Cabin Key features
Accommodating Health & Safety requirements and providing all your on-site needs in one small package.

Welfare Area

  • Table and Bench Seating - Up to 6 People
  • Water Heating System c/w 12V Water Pump - 5L 230V Water Heater
  • Heating - 12V Diesel Powered Heating
  • Diesel Powered Heating System Run Time - 8 Hours
  • Lighting - 12V LED Lighting c/w PIR
  • Electrical Sockets - 1 x Single Inverter Powered Socket Outlet
  • 12V Socket and USB Connection
  • Consumer Board c/w RCD & MCB's
  • Generator Start Panel c/w Hour Run Meter
  • Microwave and Kettle Hardwired
  • Worktop With Wet And Dry Partition Wall and Large Stainless Steel Sink With Warm Water Tap
  • Fresh and Waste Water Storage - 2 x 20L Water Butts (Fresh & Waste)
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitor and Smoke Alarm
  • Paper Towels, Liquid Soap and Cup Dispenser

Toilet Area

  • Toilet - Plastic Recirculating Toilet c/w Ventilation Pipe
  • Wash Basin - Jobec Pedestal Sink
  • Total Toilet Tank Size - 280L
  • Lighting - 12V LED c/w PIR
  • Liquid Soap and Paper Towel Dispenser

Drying / Generator Room

  • Heating - 12V Diesel Powered Heating
  • Lighting - 12V LED Lighting c/w PIR
  • Fuel Active
  • Generator Start Battery
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 58L
  • Fuel Tank Runtime - Approx. 25 Hours
  • Coat Hooks