THE <strong>FUSION PULSE</strong> SYSTEM


Intelligent Solar Technology

Highly efficient 130amp power AGM battery is charged via intelligent solar power system built in controller and backed up by an on-board power silenced generator

ensures optimum performance is maintained when in use and unmanned.

fusion diagram

Generator NOT needed
for the operation of LED lights and heating system.

The units are powered by solar technology, with generator backup, charging the 12V battery.

This allows the LED lighting, diesel powered heating system and inverter powered electrical sockets to be operational and also dispenses warm water in toilet and canteen – all without the need for the generator to be running.*

fusion solar panel

* The generator only needs to be running to power the following:

Mobile units:
Microwave, kettle and hot water system;
Static units (with chemical toilet):
Microwave, kettle and hot water system;
Static units (with eco full flush toilet):
Microwave and kettle only.
Low noise pollution
CO2 emission savings up to 80%
Reduced generator run time up to 80%
Reduced fuel costs up to 80%
Figures are for guidance only. For your own specific savings, contact Genquip for your bespoke value proposition.
fusion pulse logo
Environmentally efficient welfare features offer large savings
Through energy saving and carbon reducing 12V hybrid technology, our new Fusion Pulse range offers modern, innovative and environmentally efficient welfare features. The modern and compliant Fusion Pulse model, with its solar powered battery charging facility, offers large savings whilst delivering robust and easy to use on site welfare accommodations.
Intelligent solar
Waterless urinal gives 100% water saving (optional)
Genuinely increased engine service intervals – up to 80% reduction in generator run time
12V full flush eco-toilet reduces water usage (optional)

If you would like more information on the benefits of the FUSION PULSE SYSTEM, please call 01639 823484.