2kVA onboard battery charger
Zero ltr per day
Onboard battery charger
0kg carbon per day*
Diesel powered heating
0.8 ltr per day
Helping you achieve realistic
carbon reduction goals, intelligently.
The iRANGE of mobile and static units are designed to run in summer months without the onboard power unit running.
During the winter period and night use the power unit will still be required, with a reduction in running of up to 90% when compared to the Fusion Pulse welfare unit.

As part of our continuous innovation and drive to a net zero future, Genquip Groundhog are proud to consistently receive awards and recognition in acknowledgment of our innovative welfare products.

These accolades serve as testament to the company's commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering an enhanced environmental solution with our carbon reducing welfare accommodation.

The recognition and awards bestowed to us, highlight our continuous efforts to develop and introduce innovative features, designs, and functionalities in our welfare products. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends, Genquip Groundhog set ourselves apart as leaders for UK welfare accommodation.
These awards not only showcase the company's dedication to innovation but also validate the quality and excellence of our welfare products. The awards serve as independent endorsements from industry experts, affirming the outstanding performance, reliability, ease of use and value that Genquip Groundhog's products bring to their customers.
Groundhog Groundhog Groundhog
Innovation that works.

A core value of Genquip Groundhog is our key focus on continual developmentand innovation.

This ensures our manufacturing processes and products are non-polluting, efficiently conserve energy and natural resources, and are economically viable and safe for our employees, communities, and customers.

All Groundhog welfare products are robust, easy to use and reknowned for their high qualityand longevity even in the toughest conditions found in the rental market.

Value Proposition.
iRANGE - Value Propositions
Utilising solar and battery power to further reduce carbon emissions.
Fusion Pulse -
Value Proposition.
ECO Fusion Pulse - Value Proposition.
Environmentally efficient welfare features offer large savings.
Full Flush System -
Value Proposition.
Full Flush System - Value Proposition.
Ensuring continuous operation. And saving you money.
Value Proposition.
HOGWATCH - Value Proposition
Live information sent to your phone, tablet or laptop.
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