Mobile Welfare Unit

  • 12V LED lighting with PIR
  • Lightweight, compact towable and anti-vandal
  • Meets HSE & CDM requirements
  • Provides all your on-site needs in one small package
  • 12V socket and USB
Groundhog GP360D


Groundhog MOBILE

Ground lowering, anti-vandal, mobile, site accommodation unit

The Groundhog GP360 Part Eco Mobile Welfare Units are ideal for flexible on-site applications, offering a comfortable seating area, accommodating up to 6 people.

Lowered & Secured in less than 3 minutes

The Groundhog Mobile Welfare Units have been approved by VCA

Innovative, functional, environmentally efficient and cost effective

The GP360 Part Eco offers the legendary robustness and ease of use of the standard Groundhog Mobile welfare unit whilst offering a green environmental solution.

The Part Eco unit is fitted with 12V LED lighting complete with PIR sensors which automatically senses movement turning lights on or off as required. The lights are situated in the canteen, toilet and generator room. This feature gives owners and end users savings by way of reduced fuel usage, reduction in generator servicing, longer generator life, fewer breakdowns and reduced noise pollution.

The Groundhog Part Eco mobile welfare unit is available in three sizes:
GP360 for six operatives; GP500 for 10 operatives and the GP600 for six operatives and two office staff.

Useful information

Dimensions 3655mm(L) x 2300mm(W)*
Dimensions Including Drawbar 4920mm(L) x 2300mm(W)*
Unladen Weight 1,700kg*
Possible Gross Weight 1,800kg
Generator 6kVA
Gp360 seating up to 6 people
Offering a pleasant & comfortable
welfare environment

The Mobile units from Groundhog are suitable for accommodating six persons, which provides pleasant and safe working environments, ideal for rental companies and contractors.

Mobile welfare cabin key features

Accommodating Health & Safety requirements and providing all your on-site needs in one small package.
1. Welfare Area
  • Table and bench seating for up to 6 people
  • Microwave and kettle – both hard-wired
  • 12V socket and USB
  • Fresh and waste water containers (20L cap each)
  • Warm water supplied by on-board heating system
  • Large stainless steel sink c/w warm water tap
  • 12V pump for water system
  • 1kw air blown heater
  • 12V LED lighting with PIR
  • Single 2Amp socket outlet
  • Consumer board c/w RCD & MCB’s
  • Generator control panel with hour run meter
  • Paper towels, liquid soap and cup dispenser
  • Carbon monoxide monitor and smoke alarm
  • Fresh drinking water container (20L)
  • High level vent
2.Toilet Area
  • Plastic recirculating toilet c/w ventilation pipe
  • Forearm pedestal wash basin c/w warm water tap
  • Toilet tank size: 280L
  • Toilet roll holder
  • 12V LED light with PIR
  • Warm water tap supplied by on-board heating system
  • Liquid soap & paper towel dispenser
3.Warm Room / Generator Area
  • 12V LED lighting with PIR
  • 240V tubular heater
  • Coat hooks
  • Ventilation panel
  • 6kVA diesel generator with exhaust venting through roof area
  • Access to fuel tank with separate fuel level gauge (fuel tank capacity = 58L)
  • Fuel tank runtime = approx. 25 hours
  • Fuel Active system
  • Recycled Non-Slip Flooring
Internal construction
  • Lined and Insulated in GRP, panels with block insulation inserts
External construction
  • Steel profiled panels to side walls and roof.
  • Aluminium sliding Window with steel shutter
  • Steel personnel doors to three separate areas
    (Toilet, Warm Room/Generator and Canteen)
  • Single axle with unique Groundhog hydraulic system to
    enable the unit to be lowered to Ground level with hand
    held control
  • Hydraulically damped overrun Tow coupling with 40mm
    Eye 50mm ball hitch and jockey wheel (50mm ball hitch optional)
  • Steel nose cone shroud c/w lock to secure whilst lowered
    on site
  • Threaded bushed set in base rail to enable lifting rings to be positioned for low level lifting
  • Fully hot-dipped galvanised chassis

Optional Extras

Providing a secure working environment

All steel construction
All steel

Steel construction forms one of the most secure welfare units on the market.

Ground Lowering Mechanism
Ground Lowering Mechanism

Groundhogs unique lowering system which enables the unit to be secured at ground level when sited. This also enables a safe entry and exit by personnel without the requirement for steps.

Highly secure double lock door
Highly secure double lock door

Steel personnel doors with built in locking mechanism and hidden hinges.

High security window shutters
High security window shutters

The windows are protected by steel shutters, which are locked internally and can only be opened from inside the rest room.

Secure nose cone
nose cone

The nosecone security cover is a swing operated hood which protects the towing coupling and once locked, prevents the unit from being removed off site.

Easily deployed

Secured in less than 3 minutes

Easily towed, one man operation secured and manoeuvred on site.

Fast deployment time means more time on the job, making it the money saving choice of welfare unit for rental companies and contractors.

Unhitch from towing vehicle
operate hydraulics using the push button controls

Unhitch from towing vehicle and operate hydraulics using the push button controls

Lower unit to the ground and unplug controls

Lower unit to the ground and unplug controls

Close & lock canopy to protect towing facility

Close & lock canopy to protect towing facility

1 min
3 mins

CDM & HSE compliant

The Groundhog Welfare Unit complies with Health & Safety regulations which guarantees certain facilities for contractors working on site.


These include sanitary conveniences, washing facilities, access to drinking water, accommodation for drying and changing clothes, and an area for rest and eating.

Groundhog welfare units are supplied with a current electrical installation test certificate.

Sanitary Conveniences
Washing Facilities
Provision for Drinking Water
Provision for Drying Clothing
Facilities for Changing Clothing
Facilities for Rest & to Eat Meals
Regulation 20 Sanitary Conveniences
Regulation 21 Washing Facilities
Regulation 22 Provision for Drinking Water
Regulation 23 Provision for Drying Clothing
Regulation 24 Facilities for Changing Clothing
Regulation 25 Facilities for Rest & to Eat Meals